Ja Rule has created his own cryptocurrency and launched a new NFT platform called Flipkick.io in collaboration with serial entrepreneur Robert Testagrossa and engineer James Cropcho. The site serves as a platform for artists and celebrities like Ja Rule, as well as creators, to monetize their work in NFT form. In March, the Murder Inc. rapper sold a Fire Festival painting for a cool $122,000 in cryptocurrency and later in June signed a deal with Ethereum-based start-up Roll.

Ja Rule’s first introduction to NFTs was with NBA Top Shot. “I started collecting Top Shot NFTs and I didn’t even realise they were NFTs at the time,” he said. “I just thought they were like the new digital sports cards.”

Later in his interview with Bitcoin.com Ja Rule said he loves both Bitcoin and Ethereum and believes digital currency is the “obvious” next step in economics. He holds a little Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano and also announced the launch of his own cryptocurrency. Although there was no mention of a launch date he has said it is ‘ready to go’.