From the racetrack to the streets of London, New York, LA, and Tokyo, Mercedes AMG and Palace Skateboards have designed four vehicles to celebrate these cosmopolitan cities in style.

The tagline “Affalterbach to the world” underpins the campaign which runs from March 21-25 but also pays homage to where each car model was painted and customised (AMG Performance Studio in Affalterbach).

Lev Tanju and the Palace’s design team orchestrated the majority of the creative design of the cars: Mercedes-AMG A 45 S, Mercedes-AMG GT 63 4MATIC+, Mercedes-AMG SL 63 4MATIC+ and Mercedes-AMG G 63.

The cars boast 7-layer fade paint finishes with colour-changing effects and co-branding emblems and logos. Within the interior, custom seat upholstery, special floor mats, head restraints and hand rests are featured, alongside logo LED door projectors.

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On top of the impressive art cars, a complementary 23-piece range is also showcased, spanning across jackets, gilets, hoodies, T-shirts, trousers, caps and beanies. This special addition brings together a “motor mechanic” everyday look for fashionable purposes.

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You can appreciate the collection’s aesthetic over at the Palace site, where capsule collection is set for release starting March 25 11 a.m. GMT and the next day on the Palace’s Japan store.

All images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz x Palace

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