Particularly at this time of year, Jonathan Anderson’s LOEWE consistently produces collections that evoke reminiscence, serotonin, and joy. LOEWE has added a new bath line, which includes scrubs and lotions, to its LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza collection in this last week of July.

Paula’s Ibiza, a store from the 1970s created by Armin Heinemann and Stuart Rudnick and renowned for its loudly printed apparel and equally wild events, is a partner of LOEWE. Anderson was drawn to this vibe, in part because he frequently visited Ibiza.

Two new essentials in the bath line—a body scrub and cream—repeat the Balearic themes of LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza’s original Eau de Toilette from 2020 and the new “Eclectic” fragrance, created by Jonathan Anderson and the house’s perfumer, Nuria Cruelles, as a unisex scent that promises a heady mix of florals layered with Madagascan mandarin and black pepper.

The body scrub’s natural Spanish components, including Ibizan salt crystals, powdered olive and grape stones, grapeseed oil, and honey, combine with the distinctive “Eclectic” smell to create something that is as rich and juicy on the nose as it is on the body.

The new body cream comes next, which also combines natural ingredients to give the skin an almost water-like sense of hydration and an additional layer of the “Eclectic” smell. The new bath line comes in cylindrical glass jars with wooden covers that both nod to the earlier perfumes and evoke the energy of Ibiza’s earthy and naturalistic qualities.

You may purchase the new LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza bath collection as well as the perfumes online now at and

All Photos Courtesy of LOEWE Paul’s Ibiza / Gray Sorrenti