Apple’s Quick Look AR Feature

This week Apple released a new updated version of their preview feature, Quick Look, which has introduced augmented reality to its users and now allows them to buy the product directly through Apple Pay.

Quick Look allows retailers to upload stickers or three-dimensional models of their products, which can then be superimposed onto the camera image of iPhone and iPad users. This feature enables consumers to benefit from a precise demonstration of how an item would appear in a real-life environment.

Apple’s Quick Look AR Demo

With the new update, consumers will be able to immediately buy the product using Apple Pay, through the touch of a button. Beforehand, shoppers would have had to leave the Quick Look preview and revert back to the retailer’s website.

In addition, accurate spatial audio features now support 3D models in Quick Look, such as speakers producing music.

This new fast paced upgrade may have a radical impact in changing the way in which consumers browse and experience online purchasing in times to come.