Following their work on the Givenchy Spring 2022 pre-collection, design director Matthew M. Williams has produced a series of airbrush graphics NFTs with Mexico-based artist Chito.

Creative Director Matthew M. Williams requested Seattle-born, Mexico-based artist Chito to design airbrush graphics and incorporate his aesthetic language into the Givenchy realm for the Givenchy Spring 2022 pre-collection. As a result, Luxurious backpacks, belts, purses, bandanas, and shirts were graffitied in black, white, and grey — a slap in the face to the assumption that high-end fashion should be polished and pristine. Male and female models stomped down a makeshift runway on empty railroad tracks in the collection video, with the sky drab and dreary in the background. The clothing’ gloomy colour palette, as well as their scruffy, slouchy feel, making them ideal for a rainy day.

The duo has now generated a collection of 15 distinct NFT graphic designs. ‘I’ve wanted to investigate this new and interesting domain of NFTs,’ Williams explains. ‘Because Chito is already involved in the ecosystem, it felt even more natural for us to cooperate on this limited edition and expand our collaborative vision for Givenchy.’ The NFTs, which feature the same prints as the Spring 2022 pre-collection, can be utilised as online avatars or PFPs by collectors (profile pictures). The proceeds from the auction will benefit The Ocean Cleanup.

The Chito x Givenchy NFTs will be available on OpenSea on November 23rd, while the Spring 2022 pre-collection items can be seen here.

Chito x Givenchy NFT