If you’re based in West London you’ll be happy to hear that Amazon’s first contactless supermarket is coming near you. All you’ll need is a smartphone and the Amazon Go app to enter the shop in Ealing.

Purchases will be tracked by automated contactless methods, with hidden sensors and cameras keeping tabs on what you fill your shopping bag with and a payment being made via the Amazon Go app. Jeff Bezos is so proud of this Just Walk Out tech he believes eventually it’ll be the tech that all supermarkets use!

Amazon Go traditionally sells food such as pre-packed sandwiches, snacks and pantry items. However, they have had a relationship with Morrisons for many years with consumers being able to shop on Morrisons on Amazon Prime. The new store is opening opposite the supermarket giant as well, so perhaps the two companies will partner and Amazon Go will supply fresh produce too.

This is the first store outside of the 25 located in the USA and rumour has it Amazon have huge plans to roll the shops across the UK. Although, all we know is that the store opens this week in Ealing.

[Image Source: Shutterstock]