Next week will mark the unfortunate anniversary of Christopher Wallace’s, AKA Biggie Smalls, murder. The late star would have been turned 49 this year, but sadly didn’t live past 24.

Netflix have marked the occasion with a documentary of his life and career; we take a look into his childhood summers spent in Jamaica to his brief time as a drug dealer on Brooklyn streets to the rise of his rap career. The short film progresses from his early life and draws to a close to the morning of March 9th 1997, when he was shot in a drive by shooting in LA. His death is still unresolved and has sparked huge debates between his an Tupac’s death by a drive by shooting six months earlier. The doc has been directed by Emmett Malloy who has contributed to many of his music videos. It’s also executively produced by his mother Voletta Wallace, who contributes heavily to interviews and gives a familiar and comforting commentary throughout.

Much of the footage was shot by friend Damion “D-Roc” Butler whilst Smalls was on tour as an early 20s star. Other famous faces have been interviewed throughout, such as Diddy and Combs (the biggest player in Biggie’s career behind the scenes).

The doc is available today to stream on Netflix, what are your opinions on it?

[Image Source: CNN]