Next year, Nike will be presenting its biggest web3 project yet – a new web3-enabled platform ‘.SWOOSH’, that houses all of Nike’s virtual inventions and serves the future of sport by fostering a new, inclusive digital community and virtual experience.

The website has its own domain,, to guarantee a secure environment. Nike Members will be able to discover, gather, and eventually participate in the development of virtual products, which are often interactive digital items like virtual shoes or uniforms.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that Swoosh is a distinct venture from RTFKT, a Web3 studio owned by Nike. Nike will utilise because it is a Web2-native brand. Swoosh connects its established community to the larger Web3 ecosystem through its own distinctive products and services.

Registration for SWOOSH, which is now in the beta phase, starts this month. Nike will continue to expand the platform during the remainder of the year by welcoming a varied, egalitarian community, and in 2023 it will introduce its first digital collection that has been influenced by its users. Members will be able to participate in a community challenge soon after the debut of the first digital collection in an effort to earn the chance to collaborate with Nike on virtual goods. The lucky ones are eligible to receive a royalty on the virtual good they helped develop.