Feast your eyes on this mouth-watering drop.

Le Coq Sportif teamd up withramen restaurant chain in Japan Tenkaippin or as fans call it, Ten’ichi, has over 230 locations across the country. In addition, Ten’ichi is also in Hawaii but now Ten’ichi will also have a collab sneakers.

The sneakers commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original Ten’ichi, which was founded by Tsutomu Kimura, as a ramen stall near the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto in 1971. The initial bricks-and-mortar Ten’ichi restaurant was opened by Kimura in August 1975, and then in 1981 the ramen restaurant chain was established, becoming one of Japan’s staple ramen noodle chains.

These sneakers, Le Coq Sportif’s LCS R model, were designed with the restaurant’s ramen in mind. For example, the beige color echoes Ten’ichi’s famous, thick soup broth. The green represents green onions, while the laces are supposed to look like ramen noodles, and the red accents represent ramen bowls.

What’s more, Le Coq Sportif’s logo is a rooster, and on the back heel tab it’s depicted a chicken skeleton, making a further nod to ramen chicken bone broth. The shoes also come in a special box.

Priced around at £93.39, the sneakers will go on sale November 10.