The revived classic includes a FM Radio and ‘Snake’ game.

Nokia brings back its 2002 best-selling 6310 model with a set of simple upgrades for the modern world.

In terms of user interface, the menu text is much larger and readable than before with a one-icon view function that can increase image and font sizes even further. The three-toned polycarbonate phones come in four different base colours: dark green, yellow, black, and light blue. The 2021 Nokia 6310 has a 2.8-inch curved display, numerical keypad, rear 0.3-megapixel camera, FM Radio, and a 1,150mAh battery battery “that can go weeks between charges.” Opting out of modern applications, the phone is equipped with 8MB of RAM and 16MB of storage.

The Nokia 6310 should release later this year.