To mark International Women’s Day, we wish to recognize and celebrate 10 exceptional women-led initiatives, DAOs and collectives that are making significant contributions towards creating a more equitable and inclusive web3 ecosystem.

  1. World of Women – a vibrant community empowering diversity and inclusion in web3 through 10,000 stunning NFT artworks. 15% of sales are reinvested in crypto art and 2.5% donated to non-profits like She’s The First and Too Young to Wed.

2. Crypto Beauties – With a goal of empowering women in the NFT industry, Crypto Beauties is a collection of 11,111 NFTs. A Crypto Beauty DAO will be created and causes related to women’s empowerment will be supported using 65+ ETH from the project’s mint.

3. Fame Lady Squad – The first generated all-female avatar NFT project is called Fame Lady Squad. They have a remarkable network that exists to offer chances and assistance to women from different backgrounds.

RiseDAO – a “not-for-profit DAO focusing on giving women living in emerging markets more possibilities to establish themselves in the tech/NFT field, where opportunities may be rare. They provide funds to women to help with transportation costs and minting fees, as well as mentorship opportunities and coding training programmes for women.

Couture Queenz – Celebrating fashion and aiming to promote inclusiveness in the web3 community, Couture Queenz is a collection of 10,000 original female NFTs.

Fierce Studios – With 10,000 PFP NFTs, Fierce Studios is an all-female-led NFT project. A percentage of the proceeds from the genesis NFT drop goes to the 1000 Dreams Fund, which offers scholarships for women to attend college.

Unik Gals – With their NFT line, Unik Gals seeks to celebrate and normalise visible and invisible disabilities. The company describes itself as “the first inclusive brand spanning the Metaverse, media, entertainment, fashion & business trying to bring equality, diversity & disability inclusion into our Web3 Revolution.

Cyber Girl Metaverse – Cyber Girl Metaverse NFT sets are all inspired by cyberpunk and the diversity of femininity, include 5555 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain and 15,000 on the Binance Smart Chain.

Empower Women Planet (EWPS) – an alliance of 8,888 NFTs with the mission to “completely change this area for women by giving them the means to grow their jobs and personal lives through a network of accomplished people all interconnected within the metaverse.

Flower Girls – Finally, Flower Girls is a collection of 10,000 original NFTs made up of more than 950 hand-drawn components. The Flower Girls raise the bar for Fine Art NFT Collectibles by celebrating the purity, natural beauty, and diversity of all things.

These initiatives are not only creating art but also building communities that celebrate diversity and champion representation. Their efforts are a testament to the power of women in the web3 space and an inspiration to others to continue driving change for a better tomorrow.