In “Creed III,” Michael B. Jordan made his debut as a director in front of the camera, becoming part of a growing trend of actors taking on behind-the-scenes roles. Not only did the sports film break records, becoming the first sports film in history to surpass $100 million in its opening weekend globally, but it was also a monumental achievement for representation in Hollywood.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, “Creed III” also marks Jordan’s directorial debut, cementing his status as a triple threat in the entertainment industry as an actor, producer and director. Jordan’s success with “Creed III” is a testament to the fact that actors can bring a unique perspective and skill set to directing.

Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut with “Creed III” is a major accomplishment, but he’s also been open about the challenges that come with being a first-time director. In a recent interview with Deadline, he spoke about the balance between acting and directing, and how the time commitment required for directing can limit other opportunities in front of the camera. Jordan also reflected on the transformative moment he’s currently experiencing, noting that he’s still processing the success of the film, expressing gratitude for his team’s dedication and hard work in overcoming obstacles, particularly the Covid-19 protocols that forced them to adjust their filming plans. However, his dedication and hard work paid off, resulting in a critically acclaimed film that has been lauded for its emotional depth and stunning visuals.

In the end, “Creed III” is a groundbreaking moment in Hollywood, and Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut is a shining example of the power of representation, hard work, and determination. As more actors like Jordan take on directorial roles, it will be exciting to see what new stories they bring to the screen and how they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in Hollywood.