Apple have recently released the Apple Watch Series 4 with two bigger and better notable differences. At the heart of any watch design is the ability to tell the time, duh, and Jobs’ minions have made this even easier with making the watch face 30% bigger. Secondly, the speaker is now 50% louder and is relocated to the opposite side of the microphone to make phone calls clearer and reduce echo.

On the edge-to-edge screen you can find information like stocks and shares, heart rate, follow scores from sports teams, flight information, alongside the basic calendar and weather, which are so yesterday’s news compared to this.

Fancy a bike ride this weekend? Apple have increased the outdoor workout time to six hours, with full GPS tracking for it’s entirety to last your outdoor activities. Fall of your bike embarrassingly  and hope no one notices? You’re mistaken. The watch can now detect falls from analysing wrist trajectory and impact, awkward. Oh and if it detects no movement for 1 minute after said fall, it” automatically call and message your emergency contact using the SOS feature. We can’t tell if this is super clever or super annoying.

Apple’s clever creation is available in three aluminium finishes-silver, gold, and space grey. But, as if this isn’t enough, you can also flash it off in gold stainless steel with a Milanese band. These band’s can also work with any Apple predecessors, they’ve really thought of it all with this watch. No doubt in a year’s time they would’ve thought of more innovative designs that we’ll be shocked at, again.