Thought two full-length album’s in 2018 was enough for Mr West? Think again. The release date for his third, yes third (!), album this year may be imminent due to him not to subtly hinting at it. Here is everything we know so far…

The album’s name is a combination of “Ye” and “Gandhi”, as Kanye merging “Ye” and “Jesus” for “Yeezus” wasn’t bad enough. News of the project began earlier in September when West dropped some tweets suggesting another album, and we all know he loves stirring things up on twitter. The “Touch The Sky” singer took these hints further on Instagram, posting  a picture of a billboard with the caption “YANDHI 9 29 18” which we think is the release date, meaning it’s coming any day now. Also he potentially dropped the album artwork on insta- a minidisc with purple tape, copying his 2013 YEEZUS album.

Speculations have also suggested Chance the Rapper will feature on the album as the pair are already working on a new album together called “Good Ass Job”. Does Kanye West ever sleep or is he just constantly working on new albums? Lil Pump is also another suspected feature artists after him and Ye released “I Love It” earlier this month alongside that weird, weird cartoon music video of them .