It’s a summertime for bike riding. Under the joint slogan “Make Nice Things,” U.K.-based label Universal Works has unveiled its second collaboration with tokyobike. We now reasons to go biking all summer long thanks to the collaboration, featuring a co-branded design and a line of clothes fit for rides.

The collaborative bike is a 20-inch tokyobike Mini Velo that comes in “English Mustard” and is finished with a variety of modifications for carrying things. This guarantees a smooth ride by including mudguards and an optional baggage rack.

Building on the success of their first jacket release, Universal Works and tokyobike have created a Mechanics Jacket, T-shirt, and cap to go with the Mini Velo. The new jacket doesn’t have tool pockets or webbing, but the t-shirt and cap have dual branding and a bright yellow “Make Nice Things” emblem.

Brand manager at Tokyobike London Yu announced the partnership while launching it, “Make Nice Things might sound simplistic but it speaks of the genuine ambition to create honest, well-designed products that will stand the test of time.”

The concept for Universal Works really resonates with us, particularly in terms of their attitude to design. Whilst a lot of thought and consideration goes into the design of our bikes, its as much about what we can take away, so they are never ‘over-designed”.

The most recent Universal Works and Tokyobike cooperation is now available through the Universal Works online store.

All Photos Courtesy of Universal Works.