Twitter has begun a series of updates, one of which being the new Tip Jar feature on Android and iOS. This new feature will allow users to send money directly to their favourite accounts.

Using the Tip Jar is easy, all you have to do is tap the newly added dollar bill icon next to a username. Even better, Twitter isn’t taking a cut of the tip. Instead, they’re supporting a variety of payment options like Bandcamp, Paypal, Cash App and Patreon.

Although all English language Twitter users can start sending tips as of today, only a select group of individuals can accept the cash, including influencers, journalists, experts and non-profit organisations. However, the only way to access Tip Jar is by going directly to a user’s profile, which means sending someone money is a little more effort than retweeting or liking.

Twitter is in the process of multiple updates, including a “Super Follows” function where a user can share exclusive content to their followers. Also, there’s talk of a ticket sale function on their audio-only platform. Big updates coming for the social media giant!