A new range of digital makeup designed for both real-world and virtual wear is revolutionising self-expression for the digital-first cosmetics company BAKEUP by Jo Baker. This is the first digital makeup product from BAKEUP that can be purchased, worn, and traded in the metaverse.

The company’s limited-edition face garnishing, the BAKEUP Disco VeilerTM Eye Adornment, will be available as an NFT and an augmented-reality (AR) wearable filter on Snapchat and Instagram. The virtual face garnish will be physically connected to the real product, which will likewise be on store shelves.

As BAKEUP strives to push the limits of self-expression by with its slogan “every face tells its own unique narrative.” BAKEUP’s most recent collaboration with Non-Fungible People (NFP) developers, DAZ 3D, enables the digital beauty brand to rearrange its multi-dimensional design into an entirely new vision within the metaverse.

“We have found an incredible ally in BAKEUP in developing a digital world made for everyone, no matter who they are, allowing them to express themselves in new and exciting ways,” shared Jessica Rizzuto, senior VP of eCommerce at Daz 3D. “These virtual expressions of Grace’s and Jo’s vision make NFP even more representative of not only the possibilities of Web3, but also the inclusive and fully expressive space we believe the metaverse must be,” Rizzuto added.

On Friday, August 5, Disco Veiler’s NFT and AR filter went on sale, and later this month, its physically tied product will also go on sale. However, this fall, following the recent release of Gaustad’s second album in June, the whole collection of BAKEUP is anticipated to go on sale.

All Images Courtesy of Bakeup