Gucci is preparing for the Lunar New Year with a capsule collection centred on the Chinese zodiac sign of 2022: The Tiger.

Gucci stylishly caters to its significant APAC customer base by sprinkling the striped cat on a variety of goods including apparel, accessories, and footwear (and those who just really love tigers).

Inspired by an archival design by Vitoria Accornero, the artist behind Gucci’s iconic Flora motif, an illustration of the big cat is incorporated into a floral print — used on scarves, hoodies, and handbags, T-shirts, monogrammed totes, and sweatpants.

The label’s signature items, such as the Princetown Loafer, Jackie Bag, and Rhyton Sneaker, have all been given the feline treatment.

The collection’s accompanying campaign (available now on Gucci’s website) features real-life tigers, which were “filmed in a separate safe environment complying with Gucci’s policies” and later inserted into images and video footage.

“A third-party animal welfare organisation, American Humane, monitored the set on which animals were present and verified that no animals were harmed,” Gucci explained.