In 2013, “The Last of Us” broke through the saturated zombie apocalypse genre with its unique take on the undead and powerful storytelling. Now, with the release of its TV adaptation, fans are excited to return to the post-apocalyptic world and follow the morally ambiguous duo of Joel and Ellie once again.So, what makes “The Last of Us” worth the hype? Here are three reasons.

1. The Focus on Characters and Relationships

Unlike most post-apocalyptic stories, “The Last of Us” prioritizes the relationship between Joel and Ellie. Joel is a tough smuggler with a paternal side, and Ellie is a parentless teen with a rebellious streak. Together, they form an unlikely bond as they travel across a ravaged America, fighting to stay alive. The show’s creators, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, have emphasized their commitment to keeping the relationship at the center of the story.

2. Compelling Storytelling

“The Last of Us” strikes a balance between compelling gameplay and heartbreaking storytelling. Its monsters are even sympathetic, making each enemy feel human. The game’s sequel is even more emotionally devastating, and the TV series has promised to explore its expanded world and lore.

3. Stellar Cast and High Production Value

HBO’s adaptation boasts a talented cast, with Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. The original voice actors, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, also make appearances in the show. The production value is high, with stunning visuals and realistic, practical effects.

With its unparalleled storytelling, emotional depth, and stellar cast, “The Last of Us” has earned its place as one of the best video game adaptations of all time. Its success on HBO only proves that the world is hungry for more. And with the creative minds behind the game at the helm of the TV adaptation, fans can rest assured that their beloved characters are in good hands.

Artwork by masihjavady