Picture this: Skepta being chauffeured along the Switzerland mountains in an eight-generation Rolls Royce Phantom, recording a new track called “Skepta RR”, because he’s living it up in the Rolls Royce duh.

No this isn’t some spoof video, it’s actually happened. With the Rolls-Royce V12 Phantom VIII to hit the market any day now, the luxury car maker has teamed up with big name grime star, Skepta, to compose and record a new song riding through the Swiss Alps.

The famous musician expalined: “I stepped in the car and there was no need to think,” adding, “It was like sitting in first class on a plane minus the noise. Comfortable and silent, a perfect space to make music.” Unfortunately for us, we have no idea what riding first class up in the sky is like (we can’t resist the Fergie reference), or even catching a ride in a R-R, but hey thats the A-List life for you.

Catch the vid here: