Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner and Kylie’s Virtual World will be incorporated into Kylie Glam Park this week (August 11–14), a four-day event in London’s beautiful East Piazza Covent Garden. Summer glam trends as well as the most recent products in skincare and cosmetics will be highlighted by the entirely immersive and unique experience.

Studio BLUP will be providing Virtual Try Ons (VTO) on a digital screen as part of the event, which will feature individualised make-up and skin consultations, fun games, freebies, and endless social sharing opportunities. Customers who visit the Glam Park will be able to virtually experiment on Kylie’s products and receive make-up advice from Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner makeup experts.

Customers may scan the QR code to activate their camera, which will instantly open, mirror, and project their faces onto a large screen. While their faces are projected onto the screen, customers can test on several Kylie Lip Kit colours.

If you’re not in London across the 4 days, you’re in luck as Studio BLUP have also rebranded the “Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner, Kylie Virtual World” so customers will still be able to virtually experience the Kylie Glam Park takeover too.

The Kylie Glam Park is a continuation of this augmented reality Kylie Virtual World, created alongside to highlight Kylie Jenner’s new Kylie Cosmetics brand in a shoppable online experience. After scanning a QR code, users are taken to a 360-degree virtual Kylie cosmetics world. Customers may test Kylie’s infamous Matte Lip Kits virtually through a virtual try-on (VTO), and there are also tutorials that show how to use the product and its advantages. Users can even shop the look to get Kylie’s well-known Instagram looks. By accessing various AR “rooms,” users can access all of these capabilities.

“It’s been a great opportunity working with Studio BLUP to bring such engaging and relevant tech to customers shopping on via this Virtual Reality World”, says Ruana Di Marco, Head of Digital Content & Activation at Coty. “Updating the experience now to reflect the Glam Park event in London makes it even more meaningful and shows our commitment to staying relevant and agile.”

You can register for free tickets here via Eventbrite to partake in Kylie’s summer Glam Park.

Date and Time: 11-14th August // Doors will be open from 11am-8pm (Guests are encouraged to show their registration confirmation to receive priority access).


Covent Garden, East Piazza