Featuring Virgil Abloh’s latest collection for the brand, Off-White’s new flagship store in Taipei spans across 203 square meters and includes a 156 square meter exhibition area. 

The contemporary store design has created a tranquil atmosphere where shoppers can enjoy a moment of zen in their hectic realities.

A neon sign centre piece in the store poses the philosophical question, “What is retail? And in Abloh fashion, the store provides shoppers an open space for them to be transported into a different mindset.

Off-White is encouraging a break away from the existing definition of shopping and instead applying a more fluid and reflective perspective to retail, echoing the modern spirit of Off-White™.

The idea of reflection is emphasized throughout the store as customers are guided to answering the question of “What is Beauty?” Not only does the store hope to push the boundaries of their guests but also hopes to create an expansive retail experience for Off-White™ fans everywhere.