SuperRare, an NFT marketplace, has collaborated with SuperWorld, an augmented reality app, on an immersive display “RAREWORLD: An NFT Takeover.”

Visitors to Art Basel Miami will be able to witness 3D and AR sculptures from 20 artists meticulously handpicked by SuperRare. Among the artists are Jason Ebeyer’s glossy figurations and Antoni Tudisco, a Hamburg-based creative director.

The two platforms are also giving out a unique POAP badge to anyone who discovers and screenshots all 20 pieces in-person and tweets them with the hashtags #RareWorld and #NFTakeover. “SuperWorld is honoured to co-sponsor the RAREWORLD event with SuperRare at Art Basel Miami,” said Hrish Lotlikar, Co-Founder and CEO of SuperWorld. “By incorporating immersive AR through the SuperWorld app in the form of an NFT Takeover, viewers can appreciate amazing works of art in the metaverse that provide both an emotional and geographical context.”

“RAREWORLD: An NFT Takeover” will be on display until December 5 at the Miami Convention Center. You can see some of the NFT that will be featured below