Last week, Sony held a virtual and long-awaited PlayStation 5 reveal event. During the hour-long livestream, the tech giants showcased gameplay and the console.

The game console will be available in two versions, a disc-based system and a digital edition. Powered through an eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU and custom AMD RDNA 2-based GPU, the console comes in a slick white design with black accents. Loading times have been improved, along with storage, performance and visuals.

Not only have Sony updated the PlayStation, they have created a number of accessories that you’ll be wanting too. DualSense charging station, HD camera and a wireless headset will see you in all the new gear.

As for the games, samples of Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Gran Turismo 7 to GTA 5 that will be available for free from the launch- about the only freebie you’ll get your hands on in the release.

There’s one catch, however, Sony have left us teased with no official release date or retail price. You best get saving though as we can assume the PS5 won’t be cheap!

Watch the official PS5 Hardware reveal below.