It’s a new floor-standing light speaker that Sonos and Ikea have just added to their array of Symfonisk products. With the Symfonisk product lineup, they are discovering fresh approaches to bringing sound into the home.

People frequently start thinking about aesthetics when considering how to make a place seem like a home. However, sound can play an equally significant part in determining the mood of your home. Introducing SYMFONISK, a new line of wireless speakers. Together, IKEA and Sonos have birthed these beautiful useful pieces of furniture to more subtly bring sound into the home. The brands have shared their desire to “continue to challenge each other to find new solutions to enhance life at home through good sound integrated into home furnishing products.”

IKEA and Sonos began working together in 2019 but have now released their newest addition to the portfolio, the SYMFONISK Floor Lamp Speaker, following the launch of V2 last year with a new mix-and-match design.The end result of their collaboration is a variety of speakers that are more like movable pieces of furniture for your home than actual speakers.

In terms of the other items in the series, the table lamp on your nightstand can serve as both a reading light for when you go to bed and a background soundtrack for when you go to sleep. The WiFi bookshelf speaker can be incorporated into your house in seven different ways, whether you want to conceal it in a bookshelf or add more surface space by installing it as a shelf on the wall.

IKEA will start selling the $260 Symfonisk floor light speaker from January 2023.

Photos Courtesy of IKEA