Apple’s new patent tech will allow socially distanced selfies to be possible. Yes, you read that right- you will soon be able to take a selfie with your bestie whilst maintain a 2 meter distance.  This tech was invented back in 2018 but there is no time like a global pandemic for release!

“Synthetic group selfies” will be the new way for you to snap a single-person selfie and then crop multiple selfies together to produce one image. This means goodbye to close group photos, meaning you can be physically apart but still be pictured together. This new addition to Apple will also be compatible with video and live streaming- although we’re not sure how you’ll be able to do this live but it seems impressive!

Don’t like your positioning in the selfie that your mate created? Not to worry as each participant in the group selfie will have the option to keep the group selfie and be able to edit it also.

It hasn’t been released which of Apple’s devices will feature this option, but we’ll be sure to hear something soon.