In collaboration with BLUP NFT STUDIO, two time Super Bowl champion Malcolm Jenkins and his team designed and launched Jenkins’ first NFT to raise money towards the fight for injustice in the US whilst also raising awareness for Them Foundation.

Launched with BLUP’s partner the new 1 of 1 non-fungible token titled Heavy is the Head features a mix of impactful life memories and distinct moments in his NFL career and portrays a piece of Jenkins that people rarely see.

Malcolm shares “The beauty of NFTs is in their exclusivity—you get to own a 1-of-1 piece of art. Created with @_dines, my first NFT, Heavy is the Head, is about cultivating beautiful things to associate with progressive thought and the ongoing fight for justice. When people see my fist raised, I want them to understand my motivations, my thoughts, and every single person that was uplifted along the way.”

From showcasing how important winning a Super Bowl was in Philadelphia to the work he has done fighting for social justice, Jenkins worked closely with the artists Soulajit and DINES®. He sees this digital artwork as more than just memorabilia, he sees them pieces hat showcase who he really is in a way that a physical card never could. Quicktake’s Vanessa Perdomo sat down with Malcolm Jenkins to find out more.

DINES and Malcolm Jenkins

“A portion of the proceeds for “Heavy is the head” will go to @themjfoundation to further our efforts with financial literacy and our digital education academy that is in development.” – Jenkins

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