Genderless and seasonless clothing isn’t a new concept, but for the emerging label Raree Show, it’s just the beginning. The Italian brand draws inspiration from childhood innocence and joy, specifically the peepbox, based on these core foundations.

The peepbox is an illusionary device used to entertain children and their imaginations by allowing them to fantasise about what they can see through a small hole. Similarly, Raree Show aims to show us the world through the eyes of a child, as seen through an unfiltered lens.

Raree Show can thus comment on gender, seasonal fashion trends, sustainability, branding, and a variety of other topics. It accomplishes this with pieces like the Jungle blazer and matching Roobot trousers, which are covered in a checkered CO2 print reminiscent of a child’s alphabet mat. The glittery patches on the front and back of the blazer, which reinterpret classroom signs, emphasise the blazer’s youthful attitude even more.

Elsewhere, we see Pinocchio’s wooden nose sewn into a sweater to comment on deforestation, jeans with “SAVE SEAS” ripped into the denim alongside a glittery “Don’t go fishing” stamp on the back, and a knitted jumper reading “Climate Change” alongside cut-outs shaped like humans linking hands in unity.

The most recent offerings from Raree Show can be seen in the gallery above, and a larger selection of goods is now available for purchase online.