We’ve all questioned how Pharrell Williams hasn’t aged over his career, and we finally now might have some answers. The singer has just launched a vegan skincare for all of us to use.

The range, known as Humanrace, is available for both men and women and has been created with his dermatologist of the past 20 years, Dr Elena Jones. The skincare products include a skin cleanser (£25) created with rice powder, an exfoliator (£45) with lotus enzyme and 8% glycolic acid and a humidifying cream moisturiser (£37). The three products can be used separately, however they’ve been created to form a three minute facial- and he’s treating us well as you can buy them collectively in a Routine Pack for £76.

“[Developing an interest in skincare] has been a lifelong process and journey for me,” Pharrell tells Stylist.co.uk. “You’ve got to take care of yourself, right? If you’re aiming for optimum self. Skincare is just the start but it’s all part of looking after your wellbeing.”

There has been a huge amount of thought into the range from the US 13-time Grammy winner, including the packaging. He commented saying, “The products were designed as objects first, something you can have on your counter and live in your home. The green represents health and life and preservation and of course we wanted to include braille on the packaging because inclusivity was really important to us.”

Maybe these products are one to add to the Christmas list?