“Move to Zero” is Nike’s new trainer range consisting of their most sustainable shoes to date. Produced by eco-friendly materials, such as recycled cork from the wine industry or bark that’s produced in a way that isn’t harmful to the tree, each pair are 20% recycled materials.

The soles of the trainers are an outcome of the Plant Cork Pack, a process that infused the cork into the rubber sole. This product release marks Nike’s air to become ‘zero carbon and zero waste’.

The collection includes both new and updated trainer designs; you can purchase the beloved Air Force 1 or Blazer Mild and Air Max alongside a new silhouette, Nike Crate Impact. Their Air VaporMax 2021 is one of their ‘most sustainable shoes to date’ as it’s produced by over 50% recycled resources.

The capsule is inspired by ‘the natural world’ but it isn’t just the sole’s that are eco-friendly, ‘Each shoe is dedicated to a plant we love and brought to life through embroidered botanical designs, scientific infographics and dye sourced from the plant itself.’ Dohnn Ball, on the Plant Cork Pack team, revealed further the inspiration behind the trainer designs, saying, ‘On each shoe we are highlighting a plant, and whatever colour that plant is processed into is the accent colour on that shoe”.

[Image Source: Nike]