Inspired by the Lost Lionesses of 1971.

Two forces have come together to launch the special-edition England supporters jersey. The item is inspired by the story of the Lost Lionesses, the unofficial England women’s team who played in the 1971 World Cup and were treated like heroes at the tournament in Mexico.

The genderless jersey is reversible, with one side celebrating the Lost Lionesses through a special-edition badge and the number 71 featuring prominently in the center. The reversible construction is a nod to fans choosing the crest they were, and choosing how they want to express their support. The other side of the jersey is more similar to England’s official kit, although it features a subtle tribute to the Lost Lionesses and an “all the best” message from Martine Rose.

Alongside the jersey — which comes in an intentionally oversized fit — Nike and Martine Rose have also prepared a special-edition cap, featuring an all-white construction, distressed edges and a blank badge.

The Martine Rose x Nike football jersey is available for pre-order now until July 10 via the Martine Rose web store.