Buying shoes online is a risk you have to take, considering there’s no way to try them on, feel the fit, and do a little walk up and down while awing at them in the mirror. Nike however, are changing the game. With an update on their app, users can now virtually measure their foot with ‘Nike Fit’ in order to see if the shoe of their liking fits their size.

Instead of worrying if the shoe will be too tight this new AR technology will save you the stress and hassle of going to the store. In a world where markets are growing to be based around convenience for the buyer, this AR technology proves to emphasis on that.

It’s easily done through a process of scanning your foot through the app’s camera, and measuring the shape, size, volume, and then matching those measurements with their internal measurements of their shoes they have. Along with that, it takes data from other users with similar size feet in order to help you out.

Nike Fit is launching in July in the US, and August in the UK.