In a few months, Amazon will launch a technology that can change the future of online deliveries: delivery drones. The take-off and landing of the drone is identical to a helicopter, and the autonomous drone will be able to fly 15 miles, delivery packages under 2.2 kilograms, and do it all in just under 30 minutes. Talk about modern day conveniences.

It’s advanced AI technology allows it to sense any objects in the way or other hazards while in flight as well as landing. So if you have your washing up on the clothesline in the garden, don’t worry, the computer-vision techniques allows the drones to recognise and avoid such obstacles, like a barely-visible clothesline.

The AI built inside allows the delivery drone to operate smoothly and assure customers that their deliveries are getting to them safely. Best of all, it’s more sustainable than normal delivery vans as fuel usage is saved and emissions are reduced. Here’s to hoping this new drone technology is a success!

Click here to watch Amazon’s video on it