With the recent opening of its new facility in the Tuscan countryside, Fendi has set the stage for a revitalized partnership between architecture and the environment.

The project concept, developed during the early stage in partnership with Antonio Perazzi, a landscape architect, intends to establish the parameters for a revitalized partnership between architecture and environment. The plan was to turn the entire property into a new, expansive garden, while also aiming to improve the standard of the work spaces and emphasise a greater responsibility towards the environment and society.

The Milanese studio worked with Maison Fendi to create a building that blends into the surroundings and engages in a constant conversation with the natural world as it’s designed as a warm natural tan colour. Aside from the factory’s minimalist natural hue, integrated organic components also contribute to its ability to blend into the landscape. The facility has a raised garden inside and a roof covered in luxuriant vegetation.

A production warehouse, workshops, offices, a school for leather goods, and a restaurant are all located inside the factory which spans approximately 14,000 square meters complex.