Since debuting in 1988, Levi’s sublabel, ‘SilverTab’ made itself known, especially when loose, baggy fits within the grunge and skateboarding scenes were exploding and the hip-hop scene was beginning to penetrate the mainstream. After brief reissues in 2018 and 2020, the SilverTab line is set to make a comeback in the form of a 27-piece ’90s inspired collection.

The collection includes straight jeans, oversized shorts, drop-shoulder trucker jackets, sherpa jackets, denim work shirts, and flannels in a range of various washes and is identified by the series’ distinctive silver jacrons and fabric tags. The iconic SilverTab globe tees make a comeback as well, and the entire collection will provide items that have been specially chosen for men and women for the first time.

Particularly in its iconic ’94 Baggy SilverTabTM jeans for ladies and the SilverTabTM Loose jean and SilverTabTM Straight jeans for men, baggier drapes and faded washes are given new life.

For the campaign itself, actress Hayley Law and actor and musician Gavin Leatherwood were chosen by Levi’s® to represent the spacious clothing in its advertising campaign. With the addition of accessories, the assemblage’s enormous trousers, Trucker jackets, and shorts, as well as its large graphic tees and tops, evoke feelings of fashion nostalgia.

Check out the campaign and keep in mind that Levi’s® SilverTabTM is currently offered at Levi’s and Kohl’s for prices ranging from $29.50 to 108 USD.

All Photos Courtesy of Levis