Ever wanted to know the story behind the making of the Lamborghini? After a five-year wait, a trailer for the biopic movie is now available, based on the true story of Lamborghini founder Ferruccio Lamborghini. Watch the teaser out now.

Lionsgate have shown the first official trailer for the film called ‘LAMBORGHINI: THE MAN BEHIND THE LEGEND’ which follows Ferruccio’s journey from “manufacturing of tractors at the start of his career, to creating military vehicles during World War II, and then on to designing and building the Lamborghini cars that ultimately defined his profound legacy.”

Frank Grillo plays the lead as Ferruccio Lamborghini whilst Gabriel Byrne plays Enzo Ferrari, his rival. Ferruccio’s dispute with Enzo is heavily emphasised, but the film’s main theme is the creator of Lamborghini’s stubborn pursuit to greatness. The Geneva Grand Prix featured in the film is portayed as Ferruccio’s opportunity to finally surpass Enzo but with the competition taking place in just a few months, the film takes us on a wild drive on whether Ferruccio will get his unproven vehicle ready for victory?

According to the teaser, the movie provides a glimpse into his early life and his accomplishment in creating farming machinery, such as tractors. As a result, Lamborghini made a lot of money, some of which he spent on vintage sports vehicles.

View the trailer for Lamborghini: The Man Behind The Legend – set to release later this month – Nov 18.