Do you think Mark Zuckerberg wakes up every day and asks himself, ‘what shall I spend my $74 billion on today?’. (Yes, BILLION). Unlike you, who wakes up every morning and checks every social media account you have. You’ll soon be doing that on insta alongside 1 billion other users.

Back in 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for a mere $1 billion, hardly worth a penny when you’re Zuckerberg. At that moment, Instagram had 30 million users.

According to Mediakix growth projections, the social media that we all nose around and have a stalk of your best mate’s neighbour’s ex-girlfriend on is set to become Facebook’s fourth largest social media, following Facebook itself, WhatsApp and Messenger. By January 2018 Instagram is predicted to raise to 1 billion users. And there you are with your 3 dedicated followers, one of which is your mum.