When Adidas’ Ultraboost arrived on the trainer scene, no one anticipated how much of a classic design it would become, nor how long it would be around for in different variations. The sports giant have released even more colourways for their Ultraboost collection. Dropping May 8th but presale available as of May 1st, they are celebrating both the Ultraboost and iconic ZX range. How are they doing this simultaneously? By combining the ZX colours with the Ultraboost 1.0 DNA design.

Packer are the exclusive retailer for ZX and have commented, “The 80s and 90s were a neon-soaked celebration of vibrant colour, poignantly encapsulated by the original ZX range, which boasts some of the most wildly enticing colourways in sneaker history.”

For the brave trainer fans out there, you’ll now be able to buy an aqua blue with yellow stripes trainer. For those who want a more neutral shoe to match more in their wardrobe, Adidas have given you a beige and cream shoe, however it couldn’t be included in this vibrant range without a red inside and green and yellow features. Somewhere in between the neutral and bold blue you’ll find a mint green release that is toned down by white laces and panels.

[Image Source: Packer]