The serial Entrepreneur, Angel investor, Venture capitalist and Media agency CEO Gary Vaynerchuk a long-time internet sensation from his breakout show ‘Wine Library TV’ back in 2009 and now the host of 2017 #AskGaryVeeShow. This week on his 258th Episode he unveiled to his audience that he not only wanted to be a personality but wanted to get into being part of Nostalgic brands and bring them back to their previous historic level of fame.

KSwiss are now launching trainers for the next level of aspiration for the Millennial youth. Entrepreneurship is that next tier in what young people are aspiring to. And I think what the ‘Generation K’ sneaker line that Kwiss plans to reveal later this year, they plan to carve out their own lane in the sneaker industry that hasn’t been tapped into previous by their competitors like Nike and Adidias.