As interest in women’s football continues to rise, this may be the start of an ongoing trend for the FIFA franchise. Despite the FIFA game evolving into what it is today over the course of nearly 30 years, there have never been any female stars on global covers – until today. Australian Sam Kerr makes the FIFA ’23 cover with Frenchman Kylian Mbappé.

Whilst the Woman’s 2022 Football Euros is in full swing, FIFA are also gearing up, especially for this years’ World Cup. We are now seeing a change in how women’s football is viewed from all sides, including through increased exposure, better broadcasting deals, premium kits, and now the first female global cover star for the sport’s most well-known video game franchise.

The cover is certainly a great step in the right direction, but the “woman’s game needs to keep evolving,” Sam Kerr says. “I think the most important thing is the investment into women’s football as a whole — infrastructure, equal pay, all of those things that help the players produce better quality and games for people to watch — all these different types of athletes that people can relate to or fall in love with.

Growing up, I only looked up to men’s footballers. Kids these days are able to look up to young, amazing, strong female athletes and it’s really cool to be a part of.”

See the FIFA trailer below:

Later this year, all of the main gaming platforms will receive the newest FIFA, which will once again have Mbappé on the cover.

All Photos Courtesy of FIFA