Located at the esteemed New York Jewellers Exchange.

Frank Ocean, a pioneer of musical and R&B culture, is expanding his capabilities with his new brand, Homer. The inaugural brand is specialising in desirable silk-scarves and luxurious jewellery. Inspired by his childhood obsessions, Ocean is creating products varying from gold rings, diamond collars and enamelled necklaces. The range of exclusive products were handcrafted in Italy using 18 karat gold, recycled sterling silver, hand-painted enamel, and diamonds exclusively grown in an American diamond lab for Homer itself. Ocean, alongside his creative collaborator Tyrone Lebon, have photographed the products on themselves for a limited catalogue.

According to recent interviews with the artist, Ocean states the name Homer was inspired by the idea of ‘carving history into a stone’. Frank Ocean uses this brand to capture, articulate and develop his personal mindset and his iconic influential platform in luxury goods.

To bring the brand to life, the R&B sensation has opened a store in Manhattan’s own New York Jewellers Exchange shopping mall. The store will only be available for appointments. 

The brand is kickstarting with an unforgettable debut collaboration with Prada. Frank Ocean famously has a history of wearing the Italian-designer’s clothes in high profile, fashionable events. This expensive catalogue will feature all things shiny and silky. In this collaboration, we see a hooded anorak (as worn by Frank Ocean in the brand’s debut photoshoot) as well as a variety of Prada bags. This seemingly does not touch on Homer’s-own unique products, nor does it feature any indication of Homer-specific touches across the designs.

It isn’t a surprise that this release has been left as an enigma, leaving its target audience eager to know more as we know of the mysterious characteristics Homer has already create. However, we expect a full reveal to be announced soon.