Bulgari, an Italian luxury brand owned by LVMH, debuted its “Sunset in Jeju” pop-up shop on Wednesday within its brand-new metaverse – “Bulgari World.”

The largest metaverse platform in Asia, Zepeto, is in charge of hosting the online activity. In order for customers to experience the IRL place virtually from any location, Bulgari is transforming its real retail store and café from South Korea’s Parnas Hotel Jeju into the metaverse.

In the metaverse adaptation of Sunset in Jeju, the opulent residence will also be presenting its 2022 Resort Collection, transporting viewers to a warm, tropical summer setting where they may enjoy drinks and treats. As soon as they enter the metaverse, guests of Bulgari can rest with a cup of coffee or pay with missions in exchange for Bulgari rewards. Inside of Zepeto’s mobile and desktop applications, users may also experience the brand’s numerous lines of upscale timepieces, jewellery, and clothing on their avatars.

Zepeto’s metaverse, which has more than 320 million members globally, is also home to Gen-Z, who make up 80% of its user base. The platform, which has a big influence on the younger generation will surely be a great place for the brand exposure.

All Photos Courtesy of Bulgari