At the Tokyo Midtown Grass Square, Louis Vuitton presents SEE LV, an immersive journey spanning more than 160 years of the Maison’s history.

Tokyo is continually at the forefront of culture since it is the political, economical, and cultural centre of Japan. The city is the obvious choice for SEE LV’s 2022 tour since it combines tradition and history with modernity and advancement.

Through immersive and interactive multimedia experiences, SEE LV lets visitors delve deeply into the world of Louis Vuitton by fusing vintage items from the Maison’s historical line with contemporary pieces. The show brings together a stunning collection of contemporary items and early twentieth-century trunks, artistic collaborations, and legendary leather works to explore all parts of Louis Vuitton’s history and creations through a contemporary lens.

The interactive digital experience will allow you to peruse Louis Vuitton’s historical archives from the La Maison Heritage Collection as well as some of the most recent ready-to-wear designs. 

The exhibition is available until 21st August.


Tokyo Midtown

9-7-1 Akasaka,


Photo: Louis Vuitton Japan