As Goldlink released his album At What Cost in 2017, he tributed it to his hometown of D.C. His newly released second studio album, Diaspora stretches his roots even further. Foreshadowing the album title’s name, he explores the dispersion of African people around the world, paying tribute to the regional sounds and African roots in music that have been formed and spread out across the globe.

It’s truly an authentic yet modern set of songs, sounds, beats and accents that celebrates and appreciates black music, and the way that it’s intertwined and interconnected across the globe. As you listen to the album, no song sounds the same; it seems like a Spotify playlist with a mix of genres, rather than focusing on one. Diaspora is a wonderful mix of afrobeat / Afropop, rap, r&b and reggae that features artists from all parts of the globe as well, such as Tyler the Creator (L.A), Wizkid (Nigeria), WESTRN (London), and Jackson Wang (Hong Kong).

If you don’t get a chance to listen to the full album, definitely try to listen to these songs from it: Zuluscreams, Maniac, U Say, Yard and Joke Ting.

Diaspora is now available on Spotify and Apple Music.