Located in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal you’ll find the world’s most expensive artwork, Da Vinci of Debt. The installation is by Natural Light and is a note on the student debt crisis that 45 million US college graduates have suffered and has been created in hope of bringing attention to the issue of student debt.

The artwork consists of 2,600 real college diplomas that are on average valued at $180,000 each i.e. the cost of four years college education in America. Added together, the art is valued at $470 million. This tops the most expensive painting ever, Leonardo Da Vinci’s 600 year old Salvador Mundi which was bought at $20 million cheaper in 2017.

As we’re not able to travel to NY currently, Natural Light have put a digital experience up on its website. Daniel Blake, the VP of marketing for them, commented saying, ‘College debt is one of the most important and, unfortunately, one of the most crippling issues for Americans today, we chose art as the medium to amplify the program this year because we saw that the costs of the art world were a great analogy for the sky-high cost of attending a four-year college.’

[image source: Natural Light]