Face filters may be seen as a form of self-expression and a way to reimagine yourself in a beautiful way, but aside from the personal enjoyment aspect of them, they’re also stepping into the commercial world.

The creator of the popular face filters named, ‘Blast’, ‘Beauty 3000’, and ‘Turfu’ has taken it a step further by starting to collaborate with a high-end brand, Burberry, in order to advertise their new monogram collection. Johanna Jaskowa is one of the creators who attempted to blur the lines of the physical and digital world through her CGI creations. Much like digital models such as Miquela, who’s worked with Prada and Balmain for product placement and advertising their products, face filters have the same potential of turning into not only an art project but a commercial product.

With the popularity of face filters on the rise and the potential opportunities it brings, there’s bound to be more collaborations in the future with brands, which will certainly be interesting to look out for.