The skincare line, Le Domaine Skincare, makes use of antioxidants made from grapes from his Chateau Miraval estate.At his co-owned vineyard property, Château Miraval, which he purchased for Angelina Jolie in the South of France in 2012, Pitt now has a new title as the founder of a skin care brand.

Pitt has applied his scientific knowledge of the use of antioxidants derived from grapes to selecting which of the 13 grape types produced on the Provence estate would have the most useful antioxidant characteristics. As a result, Le Domaine’s Cleansing Emulsion, Serum, Cream, and Fluid Cream include the GSM10, a distinct chemical. It is considered to have anti-aging qualities and even to be a potent oxidative stress remedy.

Pitt admits in the interview that starting a skincare company was not his aim; it started when he thought his team had something significant. He stressed the significance of maintaining Le Domaine’s gender neutrality by saying that he just “believes in being all-inclusive as much as possible”. Pitt wants everyone to feel comfortable using the collection, which costs between $80 to $380. He claimed that because he personally gets overwhelmed by fragrances, he made sure the perfume was very light. In developing Le Domaine Skincare and encouraging men to take care of their skin, he placed a strong emphasis on diversity.

Le Domaine Skincare products will start shipping on October 1 and are currently available for purchase online.