Digital art is the foundation of Studio BLUP so entering the emerging NFT art world is a natural progression and move towards this growing cultural phenomenon.

On Tuesday 29th March 2021, Studio BLUP sold its first NFT art piece to a legendary NFT art collector known as “3FMusic”, who in the past has collected digital artwork from the likes of Grasseti, Pussyriot and Jen Stark.

The artwork titled EVE OF THE HORSEMEN® #001 was designed by Co-Founder and Creative Director Dines and BLUP’s creative team and sold via for $3,677 (2.0 ETH) with proceeds being donated to the charity Hope for Children.

“This is a dawn of a new era where digital artists can finally be celebrated and rewarded for years of craft and dedication to the digital arts. As artists we must stick together and use what we have to make good for the world and build on from this momentum. This is JUST the beginning, What a time to be alive!” – Dines, Studio BLUP Creative Director

EVE OF THE HORSEMEN #001 / Copyright Studio BLUP, 2021

Studio BLUP is in good company in the NFT art world with the likes of Beeple and Damien Hirst who is also planning to release his first NFT Art collection called ‘The Currency”.

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