Kanye West has just released a deluxe version of his album DONDA.

After dropping in September this year, the album initially hit one billion streams on October 25th, and continues to grow across all platforms. Now, the rapper has released bonus material, which includes “Never Abandon Your Family” and “Life of the Party” featuring André 300 – tracks that were originally featured on West’s DONDA Stem Player. Additionally, Tyler, The Creator features on “Come to Life,” adding backing vocals, as noted by Reddit users.

When billboards and advertising started popping up with the text “Kanye West Presents DONDA Deluxe,” fans on Reddit have shared their thoughts on what should be featured, before the album released.

“Basically remote control back to LP2 version, with a couple of substitute lines. Swear words returned. mixes revised to edit out shitty headphone bleed and other assorted mistakes,” writes one use.

Fans have also been sharing theories. “Knowing Ye this shit is taking at least 1 more month to drop, but I was just thinking that maybe the sunday service theory was right. Maybe the plan is to have 3 services that mirror the listening parties, and the release it after the 3rd one. The billboards popping up hint towards it, but I still doubt it,” one Reddit user writes on the WestSubEver sub.

Of course, with Kanye, nothing is ever straightforward. Fans have a lot of experience waiting for projects that never surface, as well as the rapper announcing dates that virtually mean nothing, but with DONDA Deluxe it was a silent release from Ye and his team.

Kanye did previously edit and perfect The Life of Pablo, adding and changing the tracks in real time, which fans loved as they got to follow the album’s development. It remains to be seen whether he’ll continue to tweak DONDA.