There have been exciting things coming out of Seoul recently but today (July 15) marks the opening of ‘Nike Style’ in South Korea – a designated space which opens not just to sell Nike goods, but to invite customers and guests to exhibit their individual likes and fashion sense.

Nike Style, which serves as both a retail store and a creative studio, aims to blur the distinction between offline and online retail. In gender-neutral zones, Nike Style will provide a line that is focused on the lifestyle genre. Additionally, there will be a few seasonal products and carefully picked local offerings.

Customers who use the content studio can design their own backdrops and produce original material. Numerous immersive events are scheduled, including Nike By You workshops and SNKRS Lounge gatherings for Nike Members. Additionally, the store will have QR codes that can be used to access augmented reality experiences and artwork exhibits.

Last year, their Nike Rise locations, intended to close the gap between physical and digital, generated headlines throughout the globe in China and Korea. Nike Style, which functions as both a retail establishment and a creative studio, continues to obfuscate the distinction between offline and online purchasing.

The opening of a store in Shanghai later this year is even better news. Following this, more activations similar to this will follow.

All Photos Courtesy of Nike